Über uns

About us

DG Design stands for uniqueness, individuality and quality. In our small workshop, we create exclusive accessories for modern life, combining high-quality design with traditional craftsmanship and natural materials.
The foundation of our timeless design is formed by 350 million-year-old rock, which is perfectly processed into graceful, light units. Each design embodies the pattern of nature and is entirely unique.


True craftsmanship requires the best materials. The product speaks for itself thanks to the careful selection of ancient rock and minimal surface refinement. The manufacturing process begins with the formation of layers of natural rock aged 350 million years. Through sophisticated technology, layers are created that are almost as flexible and smooth as a credit card, yet they retain their original rustic and elegant beauty. Before the final production, the individual pieces are cut with diamond tools into precise geometric shapes.
The concept of DG Design perfectly combines two main components - expert craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology, making the best possible use of materials and always taking environmental considerations into account.